PyData Tel Aviv 2022

Aleksander Molak

R&D Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher at Ironscales and independent Machine Learning Researcher at TensorCell. Before joining Ironscales Alex has built end-to-end machine learning systems for Fortune Global 100 and 500 companies.

International speaker, blogger, currently working on a book on causality in Python. Interested in NLP, causality, probabilistic modeling, representation learning and graph neural networks.

Loves traveling with his wife, passionate about vegan food, languages and running.



  • The Tale of Flexibility - Generalized Average for Hyperparameter Tuning and Pooling
Cheuk Ting Ho

Before working in Developer Relations, Cheuk has been a Data Scientist in various companies which demands high numerical and programmatical skills, especially in Python. To follow her passion for the tech community, now Cheuk is the Developer Advocate for Anaconda.

Besides her work, Cheuk enjoys speaking at various conferences. Cheuk also organises events for developers. Cheuk has organised conferences including EuroPython (of which she is a board member), PyData Global and Pyjamas Conf. Believing in Tech Diversity and Inclusion, Cheuk constantly organizes workshops and mentored sprints for minority groups. In 2021, Cheuk has become a Python Software Foundation fellow.

  • I hate writing tests, that's why I use Hypothesis
Dimitry Venger

Former Climate Researcher in the Israeli Meteorological Service, lead author of the Wind Energy Potential Atlas of Israel and the 50-year Base Wind map for construction safety. Currently working as a Data Scientist at Pagaya.

  • Extreme Value Analysis
Dina Bavli

Dina Bavli is a Data Scientist with experience in NLP, Graph theory, NetworkX, churn prediction, and a growing interest in ASR (automated speech recognition).
Her Master's thesis deals with classifying and characterizing persuasion. She is a former teaching assistant for ML and an international public speaker.
She is a data science content writer for workshops, meetups, and online courses, and an official author of the Towards Data Science and Better Programming publications.
Dina is passionate about data, sharing knowledge, and contributing to society. Whenever she can't find a sufficient tutorial, she creates one.

  • Life, Death, and Shopping
Hilla Deleon

As a theoretical physicist (Ph.D.), I have been modeling COVID-19 (and some Monkeypox...) for the past two years. All my predictions are presented on my Twitter account @hillaleon.

Liron Faybish

Liron is a Data Scientist at PayPal for more than 5 years. She works for the cyber security threat oversight team in the information security organization. Her focus is finding machine learning solutions for information security problems in general and specifically for insider frauds threats.

Liron holds a Msc in software and information systems engineering. In her thesis she researched the field of user verification on mobile devices using sequences of touch gestures. The full paper of this thesis was published at PAKDD 2018 conference, and also she published an extended abstract of this research in UMAP 2017 conference.

  • Keeping sensitive data safe using recommendation systems
Matar Haller, Noam Levy

Matar Haller leads the Data Group at ActiveFence, where her teams are responsible for the data and algorithms which fuel ActiveFence’s ability to ingest, detect and analyze harmful activity and malicious content at scale in an ever-changing, complex online landscape. Prior to joining ActiveFence, Matar was the Director of Algorithmic AI at SparkBeyond where she worked on developing an automated research engine to extract actionable insights from complex datasets. Matar holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of California at Berkeley, where she studied the link between perception and action by recording and analyzing signals from electrodes surgically implanted in human brains. Matar is passionate about expanding leadership opportunities for women in STEM fields and together with her husband is raising three wonderful children who surprise and inspire her every day.

Noam Levy is an experienced Big Data Engineer in the Data Group at ActiveFence, and is part of a team that is responsible for detections for both real-time and asynchronous inferences, data modeling and management, and MLOps infrastructure for the entire R&D organization. Apart from that, Noam is the Kafka domain expert and is responsible for Data Group cloud costs optimizations.

  • Constructing and querying data model for online harm
Nir Barazida

An engineer at heart and a builder by soul. Nir combines a unique background of public speaking, computer vision engineering, and MLOps research - to give a fascinating session on topics he lives and breaths.

Nir is leading the data science, advocacy, and outreach activity of DagsHub worldwide. He focuses his research on improving workflows for data science teams that work in a production-oriented environment.

Nir graduated with honors from the BGU structural engineering faculty, majored in Structural Analysis and Finite Element Simulations, and is currently pursuing his Master's in Data Science from Reichman University.

  • Notebook To Production
Or Katz

Or Katz

  • Synthetic Data in Vision DL for higher accuracy, faster training
Rachel shalom.

I am a Senior Data scientist at Dell and holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and an MBA.
In the past 3 yearsI worked with time series data like sensors coming from smartwatches and smart-phones to provide continuous health monitoring for the sick and elderly. At Dell I am working on different projects including predicting anomalies on servers, optimizing user behaviors on Dell’s website and work with hospitals (mainly radiologists) on xray anomalies classification.
My main hobbies are coffee, sport and traveling around the world!

  • GANs: the case of predictive business process
Racheli Abo

Racheli is a Data Scientist at Riskified with 5 years experience in the Fraud Detection domain. She has led multiple projects regarding automating and optimizing ML solutions, and is currently working on data quality assessment processes.
Racheli is a visualizations enthusiast and loves the way a good chart can tell a story and make complex concepts clear to understand. Outside of her professional life, Racheli enjoys traveling, camping and Yoga.

  • Data Maps : Creating a better model is easy if you ‘just’ use the right data
Roy Kishony

Prof. Roy Kishony

Marilyn and Henry Taub Professor of Life Sciences

Faculty of Biology and Faculty of Computer Science

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

  • Quibbler - an open source package for inherently interactive data exploration
Shuki Cohen

Seasoned Data Scientist with an emphasis on NLP, classical ML, visualization and experimentation.

Driven by great passion for the field, I am inspired by unintuitive insights and inferences made by smart algorithms. In my talks, I try to convey my typical spirit and enthusiasm while delivering crisp takeaways.

  • Live Coding: Breaking the Privacy-Utility Trade-Off with Deming Regression
Tal Erez Hauer

Tal is a Machine Learning Scientist at PayPal, working on horizontal data science infrastructures and solutions. Her current work focuses on clustering solutions for big-data applications, serving multiple business applications in the risk and credit domains. Tal's past work includes advanced sequence processing solutions, graph-based applications and applied research in the cyber domain. She holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Ben Gurion University.

  • Unleash Big Data Clustering: Parallelize DBSCAN over 400M PayPal Records
Tsvi Lev

Tsvi Lev is the Managing Direcor of NEC Corporation's Israeli Research Center, the first Open Innovation center of NEC globally. The center is engaged in applications of AI to Cyber, Physical Safety and Medical.

Before that Tsvi was VP of Strategy at Amdocs, leading the Amdocs team in the AT&T Open Innovation Organization – the AT&T Foundry.

Previously, Tsvi managed the R&D Center of Samsung Electronics in Israel, a center devoted to innovation and cutting-edge development for Samsung’s future consumer electronics and cloud products.

Tsvi was an Entrepreneur in the Mobile Multimedia and Computer Vision space, and sold his company to Emblaze Systems.

A Talpiot Graduate, Tsvi holds a Masters in Theoretical Physics, is the author of numerous patents, and a frequent speaker at events related to technological innovation.

  • Synthetic Data in Vision DL for higher accuracy, faster training
Uri Itai

graduate phd in applied Math form thr tehchnion in 2013. Worked as data satintist in auto mobile cyber, log analysis and more

  • The Tale of Flexibility - Generalized Average for Hyperparameter Tuning and Pooling
Yoel Zeldes

Over 13 years of experience as a software engineer and algorithm developer in various domains, including NLP, recommender systems, vision, and cybersecurity.

I am passionate about good quality code, interesting ideas and sophisticated algorithms. I love encountering elegant equations while trying to solve real-life problems.

  • Live Coding: Breaking the Privacy-Utility Trade-Off with Deming Regression